We believe that the Church does not exist within four walls but inside of each and every individual saved by the blood of JESUS Christ and
filled with His precious Spirit!

God builds up His house through people and makes the people of God His holy habitation. This means that just as our homes must have order and structure to function properly, so must the house of the living God. It is through God-sent and God-ordained leadership that the
house of God is governed and managed.

Herein is our rationale for the establishment of ministries and auxiliaries that are essential for the continual building of the Lord’s House.
•  Pastoral Team •  Men of Vision •  Armor Bearers Ministry
•  Ministers, Deacons and Wives •  Daughters of Influence •  Transportation Team
•  Leadership Team •  Sons of Thunder & Daughters of Destiny •  Security Auxiliary
•  Intercessory Prayer Team •  Youth on Fire •  New Members
•  Christian Education Team •  A-Team •  Pastors’ Aide
•  Ushers/Greeters Auxiliary •  Brotherhood Auxiliary •  Health Professionals
•  Praise & Worship Team •  Saved Saturday Sisterhood Auxiliary •  Sanctified Singles
•  Altar Workers Ministry •  Communion Ministry •  Outreach Ministry
•  Baptismal Ministry •  Information Ministry •  Website Team / Multi-Media
•  Marriage & Family Relationships 101 •  Helps Ministry  


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